XCG-CG.jpgWe have added several new cameras to our sortiment.

New Full HD FCB camera - FCB-EV7520A

4K FCB camera with optical image stabilization - FCB-ES8230

Camera Link 2.0 cameras - XCL-SG1240 (B/W) and XCL-SG1240C (Color)

GigE Vision 2.0 camera - XCG-CP510
eshop/FCB_EX2700_2700P.jpgWe have added several new cameras that might interest you.

New FCB color block cameras with 4K resolution, 20x optical zoom (30x with Super Resolution Zoom) and in a compact size of 50 x 60 x 93.3 mm. 
Available models: FCB-ER8530 and FCB-ER8550

New USB3 Vision interface cameras equipped with the global shutter CMOS sensor. 1.6 MP resolution and up to 100 fps in a compact size of 29 x 29 x 30 mm.
Available models: XCU-CG160 and XCU-CG160C
new_category(1).pngWe have added a new category - Discontinued Models. In this category you can find older camera models that are no longer available, but we are still keeping all their technical specifications easily accessible to you if you ever need them. These technical specifications will help you find suitable upgrades for older cameras, while ensuring compatibility with your current system.

Clicking on Discontinued Models in the categories menu will rollout sub-categories to help you navigate to the models you are looking for.

XCG-CG.jpg These cameras incorporate Sony's CMOS image sensor with a global shutter function which is able to accurately capture high-speed moving images. These cameras are ideal for Intelligent Transportation Systems as well as traditional machine-vision applications.
2.4 MP models: XCG-CG240 (B/W) and XCG-CG240C (Color)
5.1 MP models: XCG-CG510 (B/W) and XCG-CG510C (Color)

cam-03.png The unmatched combination of performance and size makes the FCB Micro Series cameras suitable for a wide variety of applications. including document scanning, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) use, and other security and industrial applications. The FCB Micro Series cameras supports high-quality images. Each camera achieves 13 MP still images and Full HD (1080p@30fps) quality moving pictures in a single unit.
Available models: FCB-MA130FCB-MA132FCB-MA133

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