B/W 1.1 Global Shutter CMOS Pregius 12,4 MP (4112x3008), 20fps @ 8bit, Camera Link® Ver. 2.0, Base clock 45/65/85 MHz (selectable), Area Gain, Defect Correction, Shading Correction, Wide-D, Area Exposure, Image Flip, C-Mount, 10G vibration resistance, 2,7W (DC+12V), dimensions 44 x 44 x 30 mm, mass 96g
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Introducing a new series of 12.4 MP and high frame rate XCL-SG1240/SG1240C PoCL compatible Camera Link interface digital cameras equipped with a Global Shutter CMOS Sensor.
1.1-type CMOS Global Shutter 12.4 MP @ 20 fps
Camera Link® Ver. 2.0
base configuration (1/2/3 tap selectable)
Area Gain
Defect correction - number of corrections (upper limit): 8184
Shading correction
Base Clock 45/65/85 MHz selectable
Trigger Range limitation
3 x 3 filter
Image Flip
Wide dynamic range
Area exposure
Multi ROI